Ryokan Ashikari, Yugawara Onsen, Kanagawa Pref.
十二節の懐石料理 山間の湧水


Nearby Tourist Spots

Manyo Park

Manyo ParkYou can fully enjoy and experience the finest kaiseki cuisine, infused with seasonal ingredients from the sea and mountains. Please savor authentic Japanese cuisine. (Japanese)


Kubidaibutsu"Kubidaibutsu" means Buddha without its body. It was moved from Nagoya Castle to Fukusenji Temple. (Japanese)

Makuyama Park (Yugawara Plum Grove)

Makuyama Park (Yugawara Plum Grove)Here you can see various species, seasonal flowers and plants, and wild birds on a walking trail lined with streams and ponds. Red and white plums are in full bloom early February to mid- March. (Japanese)

Shitodo Iwaya Caves

Shitodo Iwaya CavesThe caves are a historical heritage, featuring spring waterfalls, moss-grown rocks, and a row of Kannon statues or stone towers. (Japanese)

Our ryokan is in a convenient location for accessing famous tourist sites, including Hakone, Atami, and Ito

Bus: Yugawara - Moto-Hakone-ko bus stop, about 40 minutes Train: Yugawara Station - via Odakyu line - Hakone Yumoto Station, about 40 minutes
Yugawara Station - Atami Station, about 5 minutes
Yugawara Station - Ito Station, about 40 minutes