Ryokan Ashikari, Yugawara Onsen, Kanagawa Pref.
十二節の懐石料理 山間の湧水

Kaiseki Cuisine with Seasonal Changes

Making use of fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, we offer the finest kaiseki cuisine. The menu changes with the seasons, 12 times a year. Enjoy “Japanese food” that has been designated as a World Cultural Heritage.

One-of-a-Kind Delicacies

One-of-a-Kind DelicaciesOne-of-a-Kind DelicaciesAshikari’s cuisine is rich in local ingredients, including fresh seafood caught at the Manazuru and Fukuura ports in the neighborhood, mountain vegetables grown in the clean air of Ashigara, and spring water emanating from the Akeji stream. We also have a fine selection of wine and Japanese sake that brings out the taste of kaiseki cuisine. Savor delicious food and great drink.

Special Order Dishes

We also have a variety of special order dishes as well as prix fixe meals. If you have any favorite foods or any foods that you cannot eat, feel free to let us know when you make your reservation. We sometimes use pork, Japanese sake, or alcohol in our meals. If you want to avoid pork and alcohol for religious reasons, please let us know so that we can accommodate your preferences. If you are a vegetarian or have any food allergies, please also let us know. We will do our best to assist you.

Ise Lobster Ise Lobster, Otsukuri Plate, Gilled Ise Lobster with Shell
Market price (About 7,350 yen to 10,500 yen/Ise Lobster)
  Abalone Abalone, Otsukuri Plate, Abalone Steak, Grilled Abalone, Steamed Abalone
Market price (About 7,350 yen to 10,500 yen/Abalon
Simmered Alfonsino Simmered Alfonsino
Market price (About 5,250 yen to 7,350 yen/About 800 grams Alfonsino)
  Soshu Beef Steak Soshu Beef Steak
From 5,250 yen